September 2016

This is a brief video introduction to the Text-O-Matic 2.0 app for Windows 10 devices.

Visit the Templates page to see a wide variety of free design templates that demonstrate key features of Text-O-Matic. Visit the Shop page to see an ever-growing catalog of design templates and resources from other artists.

We are pleased to introduce the highly anticipated update to Text-O-Matic! It has been a long wait, but we think you will agree that it was worth it. Now it is even easier to become a purveyor of handcrafted, locally-sourced, artisanal text graphics for your missional messages. Text-O-Matic 2.0 brings so many new and productive features. Here is a list of highlights:

  • Text-O-Matic is a Universal Windows Platform app, and will run on any Windows 10 device
  • Redesigned user-interface for ease of use in tablet, desktop, or mobile modes
  • New Floating editor controls can be easily positioned away from your work area while still being handy
  • New Advanced Typography features, through an optional in-app purchase, provide for curved, warped and outlined text – and more typography features are coming all the time!
  • New, more powerful image effects
  • New Ink Layer allows drawing or coloring in layers just like all other Text-O-Matic objects
  • New Ink Layer supports pressure-sensitive pens and palm-rejection, with three different tip types, for realistic drawing
  • New .TOMX file format to make storing and sharing your projects possible
  • New more accurate font handling
  • New built-in typefaces to make a hand-drawn style possible
  • New and ever-growing catalog of design resources such as templates, shapes, and images
  • Text-O-Matic templates and design resources are in the cloud, so you only download what you want

All shapes, and also envelope text, can have a fill color and an outline (stroke) color. Use a transparent fill to see the outline only.

You can share your .TOMX project files with others! All of the data for your project, from images to shapes, is stored inside the file to make sharing easy. However, fonts cannot be embedded. So make sure to use internal Text-O-Matic fonts, or make sure your friend has the same fonts.

Text-O-Matic stores all of your project files in the Pictures/Text-O-Matic folder. Double-click on one of these .TOMX files to open it in the editor.

Send feedback or let other know about Text-O-Matic! See Feedback in the app settings.

Send feedback or let other know about Text-O-Matic! See Feedback in the app settings.

Print, export, pin to start, set lockscreen, and more on the My Projects page.

Share an image of your work on Facebook or Twitter, or upload your project file to OneDrive, on the My Projects page.