The Layer Manager, which is accessed via the left-most button in the editor bottom command bar, is the tool to use when your project starts to get complex. For example, it is not possible to tap-select a small object that may be under, or even near a larger object. But with the Layer Manager, you can select any object, or even more than one at a time.

Let’s take a look at the various controls.


  • Checkbox – shows which layer is, or layers are, selected. The first layer selected is highlighted in blue. Any layer alignment operations will use the first selected as the master to which other layers are aligned. Note that when multiple layers are selected, a few operations can be done on all of them such as nudge and color.
  • Lock – allows you to lock a layer so it cannot be accidentally moved. This is very useful if you have an image as a background.
  • Pencil – tap this to open the floating editor controls for the selected layer.
  • Eye – allows you to toggle the layer’s visibility.


The bottom of the Layer Manager contains three controls:

  • Checkbox – with this all layers can be selected or unselected.
  • Pages (copy) – this is enabled when a single layer is selected so it can be copied.
  • Trash can (delete) – this is enabled when a single layer is selected so it can be deleted.