Welcome to Text-O-Matic 2.0!

* Were you automatically updated without your permission? See below.

Text-O-Matic 2.0 for Windows 10 devices brings improvements and new features to more fully unleash your creativity! The greatest difference between the two versions is in the floating editor. As you can see in the comparison image above, Text-O-Matic 2.0 is lighter and more refined, allowing you to focus more fully on your designs.

Get to know the floating editor. Almost all of the functionality of version 1.0 has been moved into the floating editor. You have a rich toolbox at your fingertip, and you can drag it anywhere on the screen. There are several help articles about the floating editor and its various functions.

Key Features

As a user of Text-O-Matic 1.0, we are excited to bring you the following (and more) new features!

  • New Floating editor controls can be easily positioned away from your work area while still being handy
  • New Advanced Typography features, through an optional in-app purchase, provide for curved, warped and outlined text – and more typography features are coming all the time!
  • New, more powerful image effects
  • New Ink Layer allows drawing or coloring in layers just like all other Text-O-Matic objects
  • New Ink Layer supports pressure-sensitive pens and palm-rejection, with three different tip types, for realistic drawing
  • New .TOMX file format to make storing and sharing your projects possible
  • New more accurate font handling
  • New built-in typefaces to make a hand-drawn style possible
  • New and ever-growing catalog of design resources such as templates, shapes, and images
  • Text-O-Matic templates and design resources are in the cloud, so you only download what you want
  • Redesigned user-interface for ease of use in tablet, desktop, or mobile modes
  • Text-O-Matic is a Universal Windows Platform app, and will run on any Windows 10 device

Instant Photo Booth

Are you an Instant Photo Booth user? Do you use Text-O-Matic to create photo layout backgrounds and overlays? If so, then you will be very pleased by the improved communication between the two apps! Now when you create art for your photo layouts, Text-O-Matic can automatically connect it to the correct photo layout in Instant Photo Booth.


*Automatic Update

windowsstoreautoupdatesettingIf you were a user of Text-O-Matic 1.0, then you may have been upgraded without asking. We apologize for this, but it is a default setting in the Windows Store. You can change that behavior in your Windows Store Settings as shown here.

But now that you are running Text-O-Matic 2.0, we hope you will be empowered for even more creativity! We at Gizmomatic are not only the developers of Text-O-Matic, but we are avid users. The app was born out of our own desire to more easily create graphics. This update brings greater functionality and ease-of-use, and it provides avenues for us to connect with our users. Please use the Feedback tool to communicate with us and to help us make Text-O-Matic even better!